I have not estimated any times for exploring each suburb.  When Dee and I head off for a walk we have no time expectations…just go with the flow and each corner or laneway is an opportunity to be pleasantly surprised by some graffiti art, a café, gallery or someone selling only Italian shoes from a little shop. 

The suburbs I have chosen are all close to Potts Point.  

Potts Point
This is a good place to explore, since it is your “hood”.  Check out all the side streets and alleyways and there are a couple of excellent deli’s in Macleay St and a supermarket.  We use the supermarket called Harris Farms on Sprinfield Rd.  There are numerous good casual dining restaurants in Victoria St, just down the road from Holiday Inn 

Potts Point has some nice little boutique stores and plenty of café options.  Visit Room 10 café.

On Macleay St opposite Challis Av is an alleyway (signpost says Elizabeth Bay House) that takes you down to cute Elizabeth Bay.

Elizabeth Bay
Elizabeth Bay is a tiny suburb and you can relax in the small reserve overlooking the bay or wander down to the park and enjoy the tranquil setting.
Visit Elizabeth Bay café.

Rushcutters Bay
From Elizabeth Bay head up Ithaca Rd, cross over Elizabeth Bay Rd and down Holdsworth Av and some steps to Rushcutters Bay.  You can walk around the marina to the end of the seawall.

Next door to Potts Point, Darlinghurst is similar in feel to Potts Point.  Victoria St and Darlinghurst Rd are interesting to start with before venturing onto some of it’s side St’s.  Visit the Bunker café.

Oxford St in the weekend!
Keep walking along Darlinghurst Rd or Victoria St and you will come to Oxford St.  I recommend you visit Oxford St in the weekend as it becomes a melting pot of just about every socio-economic group.  This is people watching at its zenith!  Visit Deus café.

Surry Hills
Surry Hills is the more arty suburb and quite large.  The best way to get to know it is to walk down Bourke St, from Oxford St as far as Davies St (about 30 minutes) and then back along Crown St to Oxford St.

Visit Gnome café or Mad Spud cafe.

The best way to get a taste of Paddington is head up Victoria St and left into Oxford and walk all the way up (past the Victoria Barracks on your right) to William St and turn left down Williams St.  Williams St is wall to wall with boutique shops. Carry on down Hopetoun St, left into Broughton St and out onto what is called Five Ways where 5 roads intersect and has a cute little village.  Go left on Glenmore Rd, a right on Brown and a left onto Macdonald St and the footbridge and right at Victoria St and home!

Visit Alimentari cafe