I recommend you stay at Potts Point, a suburb only 1km from the city.

Dee and I usually stay at the Holiday Inn, Potts Point.  Ask for a harbor view room with views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and away from the Kings Cross end of the hotel as Kings Cross night clubs can get quite noisy.

Another place to stay is the Quest Potts Point.  Some of their rooms are quite small and if you want a larger room request one.

We choose Potts Point because it is close to:
  • the train station and on a main bus route
  • cafes, restaurants and delicatessens
  • supermarkets
  • boutique clothing stores
  • the city (15 minute walk)
  • suburbs such as Darlinghurst, Surrey Hills, Elizabeth Bay and Paddington
and there is more relaxed, friendly atmosphere which is missing in the CBD.

Kings Cross, also known as the red light district is on the doorstep to Potts Point and has a reputation.  We were initially hesistant about staying near the Cross, however, while we are always conscious when walking down it’s street, we have always felt safe.  From late in the evening and early morning revelers come out to play and by that time we are tucked up in bed!  

Getting to Potts Point from Sydney International or Domestic Airports
You have 2 options.  Firstly, if you have lots of luggage, or heavy luggage take a cab, otherwise the train is a good option.

To get to the train station on exiting Australian Customs turn right and follow the train signs all the way to the end of the terminal and take a number of escalators down to the train station. 

Ask at the ticket office for 2 tickets.  Firstly an airportlink return pass (approx. $18) and secondly a Mymulti zone one weekly pass (approx. $41) that lasts for 7 days.  Even if you are staying for 3 or 4 days, the Mymulti is worth it as you can use it on an unlimited basis on trains, ferries and buses in all the zone 1 areas, including the Manly Ferry.  Buying tickets each time you want to use public transport is expensive and inconvenient.

Note:  Use your airport pass to get through the gates at the airport to get to the platform.  The next time you pass through station gates to exit Kings Cross use your Mymulti.  You do not use your airport pass again until you exit the gates at the airport to go to the airport terminal.  To summarise, you only use your airport pass twice, once to enter the airport train platform and once to enter the international terminal.  We found this very confusing for a while  after much trial and error!

Click on the link below on how to get to Kings Cross Station

Click on the link below on how to get to International/Domestic Airports

During check-in at the hotel, ask for a map of Sydney to help you get around.