There are loads of cafes to choose from and the ones I have highlighted are my favorites and most are in the surrounding suburbs.  I choose them for the quality of their espresso first and foremost, but also their atmosphere, simple yet nutritious food and friendly staff.

These cafes are suitable for couples or 4’s at a squeeze.  Weekends are always busy.  They are all happy to improvise from their menu.

A hole in the wall café, located on George St, opposite QVB.  Don’t let the queues put you off, these guys are efficient and quality is assured.

Fab espresso, food and staff...perfect!  Located on Cathedral St just down from Holiday Inn.  Excellent stop off after an early morning swim.

Up there with the best espresso, consistently and tasty food.  

Gnome is on the corner of Crown and Davies in Surry Hills.  

A cute cafe with good indoor/outdoor options.  Flexible menu.

A short walk from the hotel up Victoria St and 2 doors up on the right on Liverpool St.

Your typical Surrey Hills vibe here!  They do an excellent espresso and food is very tasty and nutritious.  This café is a good option if Gnome is busy as it directly across the road.

Loads of atmosphere, good food and yes, espresso is top shelf.  A cute and bustling Paddington café on Hopetoun St.

Great location, espresso and breakfast/lunchtime fare is delicious.  Get in early because it is compact and busy.  A 10 minute walk from Holiday Inn on Greenknowe Ave.

Another high quality espresso joint, very small and cosy.  Tucked down Llankelly Place in Potts Point, a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

A café loaded with character and the espresso is recommended only for the serious espresso drinker…strong and full flavoured.  Check out the cool bike shop attached to the café.  Located on Bourke St.