18 ft Skiffs

18ft skiffs are the fastest monohull hulled boats in the world and are exhilarating to watch and you get a commentary so you know what is going on.

Races are held every Sunday over the summer period (also have a winter series and need to check website above for dates) and the public is invited to view the race from a launch for $20 per person.  In typical Australian tradition, they even have a bookie on board to take your bets.

Click on the website above for times and location.  Double Bay, which is where they leave from is a 30 minute walk from the Holiday Inn.  To stay off the main Rd to get there, take a diversion from Potts Point through Rushcutters Bay, up Loftus St to Darling Point and down to Double Bay.

Depending on the wind strength, you can be out on the water for a few hours so take some refreshments (there is a bar on board).

Sydney to Hobart yacht race
To view the start of this iconic race from the water is something to behold.  If you are in Sydney on December 26 book a berth on a spectator ferry (need to book in advance).  Sydney harbour comes alive and is packed full of every conceivable type of boat.  Last time I went to watch our ferry collided with a small spectator yacht!...lot's of excitement.