Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sydney...CBD plus side streets

This guide to Sydney has a focus on what I call an “off the beaten track experience” with some old favorites thrown in and relies on a good pair of walking legs and an inquisitive nature.

I estimate you will need 7 days to experience what I have written about.  If time is short, no matter, you can come back another time and finish them off.  You can pick and choose what will fit into your schedule. 

To really understand and enjoy a city like Sydney is to experience it’s iconic attractions, parks, waterways, bustling CBD and it’s suburbs.  The centre of the city might represent its heart, but its soul can be found off main-street.

To quote Dee, my wife:

“side streets are the new main streets”

Dee and I have lived in Sydney and now visit it regularly and we draw on the vibrant energy of the city.  What I hope to provide you is a guide that might let you also experience the same.  The activities include physical effort and you are well rewarded with some awesome cafes to keep you fuelled. 

Contents include: (click on page headings above)
  • Where to stay
  • Greater CBD walks
  • Suburbs to explore
  • Swimming and running
  • Coastal walks
  • 18 ft Skiffs
  • Cafes (will also highlight next to an activity)